Since 2012 we have organised numerous events and worked with over 400 artists. We have made open calls an important aspect of our curatorial strategy as they enable a fairer mode of artistic participation and selection. We use open calls to give a platform to artists who have yet to be discovered or are at an early stage in their career. We invite established artists to participate in order to create a non-hierarchical, intergenerational, intersectional and transcultural dialogue. We maintain this ethos when working with institutions and funding bodies and encourage them to adopt similar strategies or to consult with us on how to diversify their programming. 

We encourage artists to explore their creative expressions by taking risks with new art forms and radical ideas. We aim to strengthen our artistic community by engaging in dialogue, cross-collaboration, co-creation and sharing of experiences. Open calls can open up communication between institutions, artists and audiences by giving visibility to art practices that confront some of the most difficult sociopolitical issues of our times.


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Open Call

DEADLINE: SUNDAY 20 JANUARY 2019 Arts Feminism Queer (CUNTemporary) is now accepting proposals for ‘Deep Trash: Eco Trash’ & ‘Queer-feminist Ecocriticism i... Read More...

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