A New Season of Deep Trash

Deep Trash Italia was produced by CUNTemporary as a fundraiser night for the creation of the first festival Teoremi (2014) to address sexual and gender discrimination in Italy through the medium of performance. Moving from the first Italian-themed event, each Deep Trash Italia has evolved into a unique club night with dance, music, art and live performance, thus becoming CUNTemporary’s signature showcase night.

During a time when public and private spaces are narrowing their ability to accommodate the concerns and lives of non-normative and non-binary subjects, events such as Deep Trash Italia are crucial in bringing together a community of people interested in the themes of sexuality, gender, creativity and politics, with an intersectional and transnational approach.

For this reason we have decided to re-name the event to DEEP TRASH and to continue with these unique nights that promote freedom of expression for all, in a safe and fun environment.


• Deep Trash is the only regular exhibition-cum-performance-club-night promoting queer and feminist arts from all disciplines taking place in London.

• Deep Trash remains a fundraiser night for the activities of CUNTemporary and Archivio Queer Italia. Nevertheless, we ensure that artistic expenses are covered.

• Deep Trash launches a specific open call before each event for a fairer artistic participation and selection. The works and artists accepted will be consistent with the intersections of feminist-queer practice.

• Deep Trash adopts an inclusive political stance, with zero tolerance for discrimination of any sort.

• Deep Trash aims at showcasing the work of both emerging and established practitioners in order to create an intersectional, intergenerational and transcultural dialogue.

• Deep Trash is especially committed to promoting performance art in order to encourage and strengthen research within current artistic discourses.

• Deep Trash provides a safe space where works of a difficult and challenging nature can be presented, documented, discussed, enjoyed and reviewed.

• Deep Trash understands sex as an inextricable part of what we do, who we are and where we come from. We support art and politics which are organized around sex. That is, the deprivatization of sex, the decriminalization of sex work, visible non-normative sexualities and non-binary gender identities, the end of sexual violence and the promotion of consensual sexual practices.

• Deep Trash insists that as artists and audiences, we need more safe and inclusive spaces where people can come together to create, share, experience, discuss, be affected, be flirted, stimulated, challenged and most importantly, EMPOWERED.

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