@ Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club
Saturday 23 April 2016
19:30-02:00 (last entry midnight)
£6/7 (adv.) – £8/10 (door)

‘Sing, O muse, of the rave of Greek Trash, son of Deep Trash, that brought countless thrills upon the Londonians…’ – Homer, The Queeriad

Get the feathers out and roll in the wax… the long-awaited Deep Trash exhibition-cum-performance club night is back in 2016 with an event entirely dedicated to Hellenic cultures, myths and contemporary politics across art, videos, performance and music for your Zorba feet!

Bring your Herculean guns, sons, and catamite funs down to the Working Men’s Club. Greek Trash demands the rejoining of other halves, the taking of Olympus, and refugee solidarity across borders. GREEK TRASH is here to destabilise your holiday plans and bring you a sizzling taste of all things Greek under London’s grey skies.

Expect: Homophilosophy, subversive bouzoukia, the bubbly birthing of Aphrodite, camp Cavafy readings, a ‘coming out as an octopus’, contemporary Medusas, queer & fluo post-punk Easter actions, Herculean and Androgyne bodies, a ‘Greek Crisis Cunt Cinema’, and our VERY SPECIAL guest star from Athens: ANNA GOULA!

MUSIC: A Man To Pet (Host) / Panos Z (HOMO SUPERIOR)

An eclectic mix of queer artists and icons across the decades (from Dusty Springfield and Ramones to Peaches and Grimes), with a “let’s have a tzatziki” pop & disco finale! A selection of Greek tracks will make your night even more… OPA! 

LIVE PERFORMANCES: 34es / A Man To Pet / Anna Goula (feat. PanicLab) / Antonis Sideras / Catherine Elsen / Fenia Kotsopoulou (feat. Apollvon S Delios) / Queens of the Underworld / Stephen Eyre / Zoe Czavda Redo

VIDEOS: Anna Maria Pinaka / Baxx Vladimir / Danai Avgeri + Marilena Gatsiou + Maria Mitsopoulou + Laura Eftychia Papachristo / Ernesto Sarezale / Evangelos Papadakis / Georges Jacotey / HeArt Attack Films / Ian Balzan Dorizas / Kassiani Kappelos / Mary Zygouri / Olympia Polymeni / Olga Guse

ARTWORKS: Christina Koutsolioutsou / FYTA / Ilias Klis / Myrto Makridou / Studio Prokopiou / Tal Navon / Thalia Galanopoulou / THAVMA

Price Information

£6 (1st wave) / £7 (2nd wave)

£8 (door, before 10pm) / £10 (after 10pm)




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