If you missed the symposium SEXUALITY & GENDER IN TIMES OF CRISIS: Live Art and Feminism in Greece you can watch it online now.

This event aims to initiate conversation on the multifarious manifestations of queer and feminist politics from a range of geographical and artistic contexts, in the hope of producing a broader discussion on gender and sexuality. 

In the past few years, Greece has made the headlines of worldwide news: from tense relationships with Germany and Europe to last year’s referendum, from on-going state corruption to neo-nazi uprisings, from subsequent austerity measures to the refugee ‘crisis’. How has the world of art responded to these ongoing crises? Greece has continued its cultural efforts with the Athens and Thessaloniki Biennales, Whitechapel Gallery’s collaboration with Athens-based NEON foundation, Marina Abramović’s new work involving local artists, Ai Weiwei’s infamous and controversial actions ‘inspired’ by the arrival of refugees in Lesbos and the upcoming Documenta (2017). While living through critical times, Greece has continued to make the headlines while art continues to provide the entertainment, often at the cost of overshadowing the urgency and complexity of its critical situations. The gravity of words like “economy”, “corruption”, “democracy”, “grexit” have eclipsed the voices of artists, writers and activists whose work revolves around genders, sexualities and other critical themes. The current Greek crisis is not a new crisis, at least not for the field of queer and feminist debates. 

The symposium took place at Goldsmiths University on 20 April 2016.

Presentations and Q&A with:
34es (artistic collective, London-Athens)
Chara Kolaiti aka Anna Goula (artist, Athens)
Fenia Kotsopoulou (artist, Lincoln)
Diana Manesi (PhD Social anthropology, Goldsmiths, London)
Mary Zygouri (artist, Athens)

Moderators: Giulia Casalini & Diana Georgiou (CUNTemporary, London)

Filming: Michalis Intzieyianni, Mattie Griffiths, Becky O’Brien
Video Editor: Kassiani Kappelos
Production Assistance: Calliope Lunn, Linnea Frank, Lizzie Masterton.


As part of the live art event and multidisciplinary exhibition DEEP TRASH: GREEK TRASH that took place at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club on Saturday 22nd October 2016.

More information about the conference here.

Moderators: Giulia Casalini & Diana Georgiou
Documentation: Lauren Angelkov Cummings & Alexandra Penelope
Editing: Lauren Angelkov Cummings
Production Assistance: Anjali Prashar-Savoie, Michalis Intzieyianni, Daisy Shayler

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