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The Socio-Parasitology Manifesto Exhibition is based on a Manifesto written by Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan and focuses on the positive aspects of migration, through the lens of the parasite. During this pivotal period of political change, the ambition of this exhibition is to put into discussion the positive parasite-host relationship, as a means of exercising new methods aimed at finding social change by editing the current pejorative perspective of human bodies behaving parasitic towards each other and new hosting environments. The exhibition aspires to further develop the ethnographic context of the social body inclusive of the immigrant – expanding it in an interpersonal science-led narrative as a means of interrogating our existence, usage and value in the current political crisis. The exhibition is in lead up to Brexit and is a polemic act of resistance for positive change in the UK in supporting minority groups, immigrants and the communities we live in.
Main image: Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark, Untitled (Horcelie), 2017. Sculpture
Exhibition supported by Shades of Noir and UAL

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