@ ICA, London
Saturday 21 June 2014

As part of the Re-Materialising Feminism project

A workshop/presentation led by Giulia Casalini & Diana Georgiou addressing new materialism in relation to non-binary sexual politics in art practice.

The Re-Materialising Feminism events at The ICA and The Showroom,London, June 2014, were primarily concerned with bringing together an intergenerational range of artistic and theoretical feminist practices, interrogating materialist feminist discourse and emergent feminisms in contemporary culture. The publication is an attempt to translate some of the discussions that took place, and to take the conversation further.

Re-Materialising Feminism is a collaborative project aimed at interrogating a diverse range of artistic and theoretical feminist practices in contemporary culture. The project begins as a conference and series of events, taking place across The Showroom and the ICA.

Part II of the project at the ICA comprises of a series of text-based interventions, performances, screenings and onstage conversations that reconsider older feminist strategies of representation in light of a resurgence of interest in feminism in culture and the mass media. The focus is on mapping the complex, and at times ambiguous, demands brought about by a considerable range of artistic and theoretical practices that expose the exploitation of the female subject – and even of feminism itself.

Participants include Penny Goring, Beatrice Loft-Schulz, New Noveta, Hannah Black, Rozsa Farkas, Morag Keil, Larne Abse-Gogarty, Ellen Feiss, CUNTemporary and Jay Bernard.

A publication documenting the project is published by Arcadia Missa

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