for “DEEP TRASH from Outer Space” at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London (22 October 2016)”


CUNTemporary is now accepting proposals for a new episode of “Deep Trash”, the unique multi-disciplinary exhibition and performance club night in London.

Calling for performances, videos and artworks to be shown on Saturday 22 October 2016. We accept proposals by artists of any artistic background and nationality. We are also keen to hear from writers and academics responding to the call either in written form (theory, auto/biography, poetry, cross-genre, fiction) or through a performative lecture. For this edition we are also hosting a conference at Goldsmith’s University a few days prior to the event. Please specify if you would like your text/performative lecture to be considered for the conference or the club night.

This call mainly looks at the domain of science-fiction and speculative fiction including the areas of post-humanism, utopias, dystopias, afrofuturism and the cyborg body. We welcome proposals at the intersections of queer, feminist, post-colonial discourses or frameworks of gender and sexuality.

This event’s applications may include, respond to, be affected by, but not restricted to:

– Critiques of anthropocentrism and sexual/gender stereotyping within the domain of sci-fi
– Homosexuals, trans, sluts/witches and Blacks: the ‘monsters’ of the past and their influence on modernist/contemporary art, literature and cinema
– Afrofuturism: black power and black representations within the sci-fi genre and the music industry
– Aliens, zombies and monsters representing the memory of the subjugated ‘others’, rebelling against ‘western’ colonisation
– The influence of sci-fi on post-pornography: vampires, fucking machines, fembots, videogames and tentacled sex monsters
– Technology and its impact on the sexual body: prosthetics of pleasure, electro-fluid interactions and amplified sensations
– Environmental disasters, alien/monster attacks and post-apocalyptic events wiping out non-normative lives, vulnerable individuals, less ‘developed’ populations for the re-establishment of the white, Christian, cis-/hetero norm
– Trans-forming the present: the futurism of trans, genderqueer identities and fluid sexualities
– Hormones at the crossroads of art and science
– Human hybrids and cross-species relations: reptilians, amphibians, mutants; parasitic behaviours, chlorophyll injections and further human/plant/animal alterations or intersections
– Utopic and dystopic visions of society: trans-species integration or antagonism/war between humans and aliens/cyborgs/other organisms
– Second lives: avatars, holograms and the reproduction of the self within virtual/hyper reality
– Policing society and the private sphere through data collection, censorship, facial recognition software, suppression of pornographic content and the role of social media and activism as counteractive agents
– Sexism, gender representation, violence and racism within the gaming industry
– Subjectivity and self-determination through the use of prosthetics, body modifications and body horror
– Cyborg drag and bionic empowerment of non-normative and disabled bodies
– From scientific ambiguities to re-imagining the future of the subject through science and technology: artificial intelligence, robots/hubots, consequences of cloning, ecological and bacterial mutations, eugenetics…
– Cruising Utopia: the futurity of Queer in artistic, political and social practices
– Representations of genders and sexualities in cosplay/anime performances
– Catastrophic events caused by human ‘development’: capitalism/colonialism/‘multiculturalism’ and their impact on global warming, life, the ecosystem, class and racial segregation

To apply, please email info@cuntemporary.org with the heading “Deep Trash Outer Space Application” by Sunday 7 August 2016. Please include the following information:

1) Name and Surname
2) Place of Birth (City and Country)
3) Place of Residency (City and Country)
4) Telephone number
5) A written proposal (No more than 500 words) and, if available, images of the work
6) Website of the artist/collective or portfolio
7) Up to 5 high res images with credits (For press use)

All your data is confidential and is only used for the purposes of this open call.
We will respond to all applications by mid-August.


During a time when public and private spaces are narrowing their ability to accommodate the concerns and lives of non-normative and non-binary subjects, events such as Deep Trash are crucial in bringing together a community of people interested in the themes of sexuality, gender, creativity and politics, with an intersectional and transnational approach.


• Deep Trash is the only regular exhibition-cum-performance-club-night promoting queer and feminist arts from all disciplines taking place in London.
• Deep Trash remains a fundraiser night for the activities of CUNTemporary and Archivio Queer Italia. Nevertheless, we ensure that artistic expenses are covered.
• Deep Trash launches a specific open call before each event for a fairer artistic participation and selection. The works and artists accepted will be consistent with the intersections of feminist-queer practice.
• Deep Trash adopts an inclusive political stance, with zero tolerance for discrimination of any sort.
• Deep Trash aims at showcasing the work of both emerging and established practitioners in order to create an intersectional, intergenerational and transcultural dialogue.
• Deep Trash is especially committed to promoting performance art in order to encourage and strengthen research within current artistic discourses.
• Deep Trash provides a safe space where works of a difficult and challenging nature can be presented, documented, discussed, enjoyed and reviewed.
• Deep Trash understands sex as an inextricable part of what we do, who we are and where we come from. We support art and politics which are organized around sex. That is, the deprivatization of sex, the decriminalization of sex work, visible non-normative sexualities and non-binary gender identities, the end of sexual violence and the promotion of consensual sexual practices.
• Deep Trash insists that as artists and audiences, we need more safe and inclusive spaces where people can come together to create, share, experience, discuss, be affected, be flirted, stimulated, challenged and most importantly, EMPOWERED.

For more information on DEEP TRASH please visit: www.facebook.com/DeepTrashClub/

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