Set design for ‘Deep Trash from Outer Space’ by Jordan Salzmann © Orlando Myxx.

… What would a more queer-feminist version of the world look like?

Cuntemporary functions on a not-for-profit basis. All our proceeds go towards the promotion of groups or individuals that engage with feminist and queer frameworks. We are a team of people that share a collective vision, always open to working with new members, to receive feedback and to grow our own knowledges. To get involved either in London or abroad just contact us.

A massive thanks to all the people that contribute to this ever-expanding project: Adelaide Golis, Alex Wilk, Anjali Prashar-Savoie, Ana Grahovac, Andrea Toro, Calliope Lunn, Cemile Zeynep Eriylmaz, Jessica Karlsen, Jess Alblas, Jordan Nicholai, Kassiani Kappelos, Lauren Angelkov Cummings, Lidia Ravviso, Lia Foukis, Lizzie Masterton, Lucia Pazzini, Lucy Mills, Matthew Griffiths, Mihalis Intzieyianni, Natalia Damigou-Papoti, Orlando Myxx, Olivia Carr-Archer, Olympia Christophinis, Panayiotis Pimenides, Roosa Herranen, Rebecca O’Brien, Sarah Brown, Seana Wilson, Prinx Silver, Yole Quintero. As well as Aleksandra Wojt, Chara Kolaiti, Basak Ulu, Hugh Hataway, Nicol Parkinson, Stephen Eyre and Issey Osman for their support.

Gratitude also to all those who helped in previous years: Alexandra Penelope, Andie Macario, Angelica Bollettinari, Celeste Ricci, Cinzia Delnevo, Daisy Shailer, Elena Silvestrini, Genevieve Strong, Giovanni Gonzales, Harriet Scott, Ingrid Berthon-Moine, Kate Alexander, Laura Di Nicolantonio, Leila Lohman, Linnea Frank, Lewis Burton, Marlieke Burghouts, Miriam La Rosa, Silvia Ferrari, Soa Gourvest, Thomas Roughan, Tom Barratt, Veronica Urbini, Victor Murthy.

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