Deep Trash from Outer Space posterDEEP TRASH FROM OUTER SPACE
@ Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club
Saturday 22 October 2016
£6/8 (adv.) – £8/10 (door)

Earth calling Outer Space… Earth Calling… aliens, borgs, avatars, bionic queens, fembots, afrofuturists, shapeshifters, transformers, space strippers, cyborg-punks, sexy monsters, outsiders everywhere unite. We are in CRISIS!

You might have heard of deep space or space trash. You might have come across string theory, black holes, mysterious galaxies, time-travel, gravity and relativity… But soon you will get to see things no one would ever believe…

Get your galactic funk on and prepare to take off on a one-way cruise of the universe (and of each other!). Mind your arms, legs, tentacles, bionic appendages, exo-suits, squishy insides, X-ray specs, glitter force fields, femme-rays, fay-rays and ectoplasms. Keep them all inside the shuttle and strapped-on at all times because it’s T(rash) minus 10 until we blast off!

Let yourself be abducted on Saturday 22 October 2016 to Europe’s deepest black hole…

May the Deep Trash be with you!

PERFORMANCES: Sofi Lee-Henson, Sandra Boom, Elena Poka, Amy Statik, Quimera Rosa, Inanna Trillis, Heidi Hörsturz, BayBJane

VIDEOS: Anna Maria Staiano, Collective Itch, Deborah Kelly + Christian J Heinrich, Eden Mitsenmacher, Eloise Fornieles, Emily Mulenga, Graham Bell Tornado, Harriet Scott, Katie Cercone, Makis Kyriakopoulos, Metatheodosia + Hysterical Dana + Filtig, Michael Julings, Myrte van der Molen, Mollie Zhang, Noemi Yoko Molitor, Tal Navon

ARTWORKS: Alexandra Turner, Amy Day of Am Statik, Carol-Anne McFarlane, Claudia Reinhardt, Kassiani Kappelos, Sandra Setzkorn, Sophia Hunt, Studio Prokopiou, Valérie Reding

MUSIC: 34es (Tritotetartes)

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Deep Trash from Outer Space is a ONE NIGHT ONLY exhibition-cum-performance-club-night featuring live performances, installations, artworks, visuals, videos and short films spread over 3 floors by over 40 artists in East London’s Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. #deeptrashspace

Live PERFORMANCES start at 8:30pm and include: brain surgery sessions by Sofi Lee-Henson, a discoegg alien birth by Sandra Boom, future-telling promenades by Pablo Pakula & Elena Poka, STRIPPERS IN SPACE by Amy Day and crimson moonscapes by Inanna Trillis. Our spacecraft is collecting artists from around the world including the duo Heidi Hörsturz with their cyber-sonic TRASH-ATTACKS and Quimera Rosa’s lab will present ELECTRO-EROTIC body-noise for the first time in London. All the way from Berlin, via Ibiza and New York, we present you with BayBJane, the world’s smallest BIONIC DRAG queen.

The venue will be open to the public from 7:30pm, with a 1 hour especially curated screening on loop, an exhibition area, INTERACTIVE installations and durational performances. The post-punk post-avant-garde post-drag collective 34es (Tritotetartes) will be spinning discs all night from trash to opera, towards electro and pop BEATS FROM OUTER SPACE!



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