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Hotbed: A Festival of Sex


FEATURED EVENT: HOTBED: A FESTIVAL OF SEX @ CAMDEN PEOPLE'S THEATRE. Three weeks of adventurous performance guaranteed to expand your carnal knowledge. From the ubiquity of porn to the secrets of your sexual fantasies, from a celebration of sex-positivity to the difficulties of representing sex on stage, this twenty-one night stand lays bare sex, 2017-style.
Royal Trash Teaser

The Royal Trash Teaser

Are you ready for Royal Trash? A Teaser featuring Royal Pussy, Drama Queen, Queen Bee, Queen of Tarts, Cunt Daddy, Smaragda, Gina Fallange,... Read More...
Malik Nasad Sharpe


FEATURED EVENT: JOY AND DISSENT: A FESTIVAL OF CULTURAL ACTIVISM. What does joyousness look like as a political performance strategy? Can joy or beauty be radical forms of protest? Or should resistance by its very nature be painful?


FEATURED EVENT: Low Stakes is a two day festival showcasing new work and work-in-progresses from London’s up and coming Live and Visual artists. Low Stakes loves rough, risky work. At New River Studios, London (February 17th -19th).
foreign cunt logo

Foreign Cunt

In response to the rising nationalism, racism and overall xenophobia plaguing the UK following the results of the referendum, we offer a lit... Read More...


For December 2016 we are featuring Underwire Festival: the UK’s only film festival celebrating female filmmaking talent across the crafts. Since 2010, the festival has awarded training and mentoring opportunities to over 40 filmmakers, and has screened over 300 films.

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