@ Royal Academy of Arts
Saturday 3 March 2018,  3 — 4.30pm
Entrance: £8, £5 concessions

Join CUNTemporary co-founders, Giulia Casalini and Diana Georgiou, for a roundtable at the Royal Academy of Arts exploring queer and feminist curatorial strategies.

With the recent popularity of exhibitions and public spaces dealing with the subjects of feminist and queer politics, how can mainstream discourse be expanded to include radical and less visible perspectives? Entirely self-funded, CUNTemporary is a non-profit organisation that has been working to expand and strengthen the mainstream conversation by centring queer-feminist artists for over five years.

This roundtable will explore and question the ways queer and feminist thought has gained visibility in mainstream institutions. Can equality and visibility in the arts for LGBTQ individuals and women construct a democratic, non-elitist, horizontal, artist-centred art world?

This event invites audiences to participate in a roundtable discussion in the General Assembly Room. We encourage ticket holders to bring thoughts and perspectives to share with others and generate an informed debate with invited speakers.

The roundtable is part of a week-long series of events exploring ideas of feminist futures through art and architecture organized by the Royal Academy of Arts to mark International Women’s Day 2018. See all events here.

RA Event

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