Wednesday 24 July 2013
20:00 – 24:00

CUNTemporary invites you to an evening of a curated feminist and queer music playlist. With a video installation by Michalis Intzieyiannis and a rare opportunity to watch a series of video performances by A Man To Pet.
Introduced by CUNTemporary co-director Diana Georgiou.

What do Cyprus politics and queers in Cyprus have in common?
– A lack of identity and transparency.
What do Cyprus politics and feminists in Cyprus have in common?
– The situation is such a mess that they both don’t know where to begin.

How does one evolve on an island where there are no visual representations of queer or feminist role models? Apart from the occasional caricature on national television of a homosexual squeeling innuendos about buggery, Cyprus remains a very closeted society. As for feminism, there is this bizarre illusion that the cypriot nuclear family is ruled by a mystical and latent matriarchal sovereignty where women are in control of the household and as a result the family. We remain unconvinced until we see more sovereign pussy in parliament and less of it in illegal brothels that cater to these allegedly subordinate men. 



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